Repair, Testing & Calibration Of All Types Of Energy Meter With Correct C.T. Polarity Test & Confirmation Of Multiplying Factor. Testing & Certifying Percentage Errors Of CT & PT at Site. All Types Of Relay Testing On Site, Maintenance Of All Types Of Control Panels & Apfc Panel, Energy Measurement And System Losses in The Network, Harmonics Analyzing And Solution, Preventive Maintenance & Retrofitting Of ACB, Switch Fuse Unit MCCB, RCCB, Motor Starters, Installation Of Meter, C.T. & P.T.Connection, Electrical.
  All types of AIR CIRCUIT BREAKER - Overhauling, servicing, Testing with Primary injection test, & Release test  
  All types of ENERGY METER, LOAD MANAGER, C.T. & P.T. - Testing, servicing & certification at site as per IS standards  
  Our Certificate valid for ISO & PWD  
  All types of RELAY - Testing, servicing & certification at site  
  VCB, TRANSFORMER - Testing, servicing and oil filtration.  
  Thermography Testing  

[ Established in the year - 1995 ]

MAHARASHTRA Govt. Approved Fire Auditor.

“ We are in Fire Fighting Systems Supply, Installation &
Maintenance a Complete Fire Fighting Solutions ”

“ License to ac as Licensed Agency for the purpose of
Fire Preventive and Life Safety Measures ”


Reduction Of System / Network Power Losses

  In industries, the energy meters are provided at incoming by licensees. The sub meters, if provided by the consumer on outgoing feeders to different departments, the summation of the all sub-meter readings never match to the total reading registered by the licensee meter. In practical it will never match and difference will exists due to system / network losses. These losses can be minimized to the extent possible but cannot be eliminated. These losses can be measured and then appropriate action taken accordingly. The energy meters need to be checked tested and calibrated to exactly pin point the losses. The testing is done by us using high accuracy sub standard meter. It is also required to have reasonable balance of load on phases to obtain the high accuracy readings. We undertake such measurement and calibration activities and recommend the course of action. Our certificate Traceability by Government Lab.
1) Meter testing procedure as per IS 13779
  100% unity P.F. , 100% 0.86 lag , s
  10% unity P.F. , 10% 0.86 lag ,
  & Dial Test with % of error
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