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All types of AIR CIRCUIT BREAKER - Overhauling, servicing, Testing with Primary injection test, & Release test

  All types of ENERGY METER, LOAD MANAGER, C.T. & P.T. - Testing, servicing & certification at site as per IS standards  
  Our Certificate valid for ISO & PWD  
  All types of RELAY - Testing, servicing & certification at site  
  VCB, TRANSFORMER - Testing, servicing and oil filtration.  
  Thermography Testing  

How To Keep Healty Network System

for electronic meter balance load are require for R.Y.B. if it is not your neutral current can rise and your meter can + / - erratic.
Due to the parameter you can find out current, voltage, KW & P.F. of each phase if it is not correct your meter can + / - erratic.
If we correct the erratic position of feeder we can avoid further losses that will be cable not heated, reactive current will not pass, and voltage fluctuation will stop.
Due to this we can avoid KWH.
We have to measure all equipment which have inductive load mainly motors. So we can fine efficiency of equipment. For Ex. If motor has taking 130 A current it takes 160 A current due to over loaded motor or if motor winding repair.
In industries the cable system are very old and it is overloaded due to this losses of cable can go up to 10 to 15% so we have to measure every year to avoid the losses or replace by new.
In every year all main switch contact breaker contact to be service also to take care of loose contact. so we can avoid sparking or tripping problem.

we are ready to give you the service in your above difficulties.

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